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Why is My Laptop Screen Upside Down

July 04, 2012  |  Difficulty: Medium

how to solve problem of turned a laptop screen upside down easy way, using keyboard shortcuts.

Perhaps you accidently turned your laptop screen upside down. This happens because laptops usually have graphic cards, like Intel®, that enable quick switching of your screen’s orientation. This feature can be adjusted in the video driver settings, but a faster and easier way is to use keyboard shortcuts. Follow the easy tips below to solve this problem.

Tips for turning the screen around:

  • If you want to turn the screen upside down, press “Ctrl + Alt + down arrow”.
  • To turn the screen back to the default position, press “Ctrl + Alt + up arrow”.
  • To turn the screen on to the side, press “Ctrl + Alt + left/right arrow”.

Shortcuts settings:

  • You can change or turn off the keyboard shortcuts; right-click on the desktop, open the context menu and select the properties of the display adapter. In the left pane, select “Hot Keys” and set the shortcuts, or uncheck the “Enable Hot Keys” checkbox to disable this function.

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