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Water Filters and Purification

May 23, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

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Clean water is necessary for survival. Accordingly, determining whether normal drinking water is safe has gained importance among many Americans. Some studies hold that drinking water is the fourth highest health hazard in the U.S.

Though cities do usually process water through a treatment plant, there are limited standards regarding the resultant quality. Some water plants use technology first invented early in the 20th century! With limited technology and flexibility to handle rotating water pollutants and environmental concerns, water treatment facilities cannot always hand the citizen the clear ideal water they are thirsting for. For instance, if water is pulled from an aquifer (as it is for over half the U.S. population) water authorities are not required to disinfect it even though seepages could contaminate the water. Improper wastewater disposal, animal waste disposal, septic tank seepage, underground chemical storage leaks and landfill leaks happen and can adversely affect regular water. Not even bottled water is a good alternative as most of it is bottled directly out of the tap. However, there is hope. There are various home water filters and purifiers that can remove the bulk of pollutants found in well water, streams and tap water.

To find a water filter or purifier that suits your home, consider the following factors. First, test the common tap water professionally or with at-home kits. Testing identifies present pollutants, allowing you to focus your search to a filter or purifier that can handle the specific problem. Consider if you prefer soft mineral free water (steam distillers and reverse osmosis can be used to stop ‘hard’ water by removing minerals). Consider consumption before trying to size the correct home unit. Be sure to double normal consumption so that the units will be able to filter sufficient amounts of water even during hot months when thirst increases. Some filters run continuously but require frequent replacement of filters. Other reverse osmosis and distillation systems do not have filters but, they can filter only small quantities of water daily. Take your time to choose a product. Look for dependable warranties, good reviews, and reasonable prices.

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