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Water Coolers

May 13, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

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If you desire a constant supply of fresh, cool water, a water cooler may be the perfect choice. Water coolers are portable, environmentally sound, and are available in suitable sizes for the home and workplace.

The most common type of water cooler is the bottled water dispenser. A frame upholds a big plastic water bottle (upside down) and water is cooled by a built-in refrigeration unit and dispensed through one or more spigots. The most basic of these systems relies on little more than gravity to function. Deluxe models may offer an icemaker function. Most dispensers have trays to catch spill over, and many models have universal seal caps, an automatic shut off switch (for an emptied bottle), and size restrictions to make bottle transfer easy. Dispenser housings are fabricated of wood, plastic, or metal.

Hot and cold dispensers work like bottled water dispensers but, they do not receive water from a large, external, replaceable water bottle. These units are small in size, easily transported and perfect on a small counter in the office or kitchen. Most units dispense both hot and cold water. When choosing a hot/cold dispenser look for deep tray reservoirs (as overspills will be frequent). Also, be certain trays and other machinery can be easily cleaned and worked on.

Lastly, condensation water coolers dehumidify a space and use the pulled out water vapor to create a fresh, purified water source.  These units draw circulating air across a small heater and condensation coils. During the evaporation stage (heating), water vapor is released from the air. Passing over the condensation coil, it cools and gets collected into a container. From the basin, the water passes through an electrostatic filter and is purified for drinking.

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