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Veterinarian Pet Insurance: The easily the largest company is Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI). They have been operating in the United States and North America since 1982.

August 07, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

The easily the largest company is Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI). They have been operating in the United States and North America since 1982. VPI health insurance policies are comprehensive for most types of pets as they cover dogs, cats, birds as well as exotic animals for mainly catastrophic accidents and illnesses.  You can rely on their over 15 years experience in the industry to protect your pet dependably and efficiently as they hold approximately 200,000 current policies in the U.S. alone

Here are some of the specifics of their pet health insurance plans:

  • Enrollment includes pets from 6 weeks up to adults 10 years of age and older depending upon pre-existing conditions.
  • Policies cover accidents, injuries and illnesses as well as terminal illnesses and other unplanned medical emergencies.
  • Optional premiums are available that include pet vaccinations, neutering and spaying and routine physical exams and well-care coverage.
  • VPI does not cover several common hereditary and breed specific diseases so check with the company and with your vet to find out how this affects your pet’s policy and his medical needs.
  • Helps pay for your pet’s treatments, surgeries, lab fees, X-rays, and much more.
  • You can choose any licensed veterinarian worldwide that you are most comfortable with and trust.
  • Prescriptions for covered medical conditions are covered up to the allowable limit.
  • VPI will not cancel any pet due to their age, once they are enrolled.
  • Pet Medical Insurance monthly insurance premiums range from approximately $1 per day depending on species and age.
  • Call VPI at 1-800-872-7387 for current rates and restrictions and be sure to visit them online at www.petinsurance.com for the most comprehensive listing of all policy choices, rates, restrictions and information as they are subject to change.

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