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Vender Take-Back Mortgages

May 27, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Path to mortage

Get your lawyer ready for this one

This option can be one that works out splendidly well, leaving you happy and satisfied. On the other hand, if not done properly, vender take-back mortgages can be a complicated process that you regret taking on.

To do your best to ensure a happy ending; hire a lawyer who specializes in this type of mortgage. Your lawyer will know how to keep you secure if extreme circumstances occur. You lawyer will think about things such as: What if
  • The vendor dies
  • The vendor’s estate (and your mortgage) needs to be liquidated
  • The vendor goes bankrupt
  • You want to make extra payments along with your normal payments
  • You would like to change the conditions of your mortgage

Your lawyer will know to put solutions to these potential problems within the mortgage contract.

Be aware that if the vendor is a relative or close friend it can be even more strenuous to deal with problems if difficulties arise. Think twice about this before agreeing to be a part of this type of arrangement.

But having a vender take-back mortgage can be pretty amazing. A vendor may offer low interest rates that you just can’t get at a bank or credit union. A vendor may not make you go through an extensive credit check, and they are more likely to be adaptable when constructing the terms for your repayment.

Just as with any other lender, know the ups and downs. Make sure you speak with a lawyer who specializes in dealing with this type of mortgage. Compare the pros and cons of a vendor take-back mortgage with the mortgage that you can receive with an established lender.

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