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Shower Filters

May 23, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

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In the modern day quest for clean and healthy alternatives to common everyday items (and foods) the shower filter has gained notoriety. Remarkably, people can die from asphyxiation due to chlorine vapors that are commonly produced in shower’s using public water! Chlorine is one of the most common and deadly pollutants but, the quantity of other water pollutants also continues to rise. 

The average shower filter siphons out up to 95% of chlorine in regular bathing water. Shower filters are particularly useful for people who depend on municipal water (as municipal chlorine levels are usually extremely high). Others who benefit from filter use are: asthmatics, people with extreme chemical sensitivities, people with sensitive skin, young children, and elderly people. 

Installation is usually easy and straightforward. Most filters screw into the typical showerhead or replace the showerhead. Beware of carbon-based filters which might release pollutants back into the air. The best bet is to choose a more advanced filter that can remove contaminants and perhaps reduce lime-scale buildup, mold, bacteria, algae and fungi development.

The average price for a similar shower filter is around $50. Annual replacement cartridges are also part of the product cost.

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