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Shopping for a PDA

May 26, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Shopping for a PDA can be a difficult and exciting job. Fitting the right PDA for your needs is crucial as it will save you wasted functions and money. You can synchronize most PDA systems with PCs, from which you can download your appointments, contacts, and email.

The Pocket PC operating system would be a good choice if standard Windows applications like Word, Excel or Outlook are used on your computer.  Pocket PC is owned by Microsoft and allows for full integration with any of their other systems.  However, Pocket PC requires a fair amount of memory to run and typically runs slower than the Palm operating system.

Palm OS is another system that can be used to operate a PDA.  This platform is similar to desktop operating systems like Microsoft and can be used to access address books, memos, notes, etc.

Many PDAs operate by a touch screen and stylus (small pointer like an ink pen).  Users can input information by tapping out letters on the small screen that appears on the screen.  Some PDAs also allow for keyboards to be connected for easier typing.  PDAs such as the BlackBerry have a full push-button keyboard included on the device.

Although PDA displays use LCD technology, their quality can vary.  Most PDAs now come with full color displays that feature high resolution and crisp quality.  However, the cost will be more than a monochrome option.

Most PDAs include either a secure digital (SD) and/or compact flash slot for memory connectivity.  These also allow for WiFi and webcam capabilities.  PDAs are shipped with an internal memory of 8mb to 64mb that is used primarily by applications. Since Pocket PC systems generally require more memory than Palm systems, they’ll have at minimum 32mb. Memory cards can always be swapped for larger capacities or upgraded for more functionality.

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