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Reverse Osmosis Filters

May 23, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

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Reverse osmosis filters (also called RO or hyper-filtration) are considered one of the most efficient water purification technologies available. The system works as follows: water is pushed through a semi-permeable filter, undesirable substances get stuck behind the membrane, and filtered water passes through. Another step, called crossflow, introduces pressure to flush residue and contaminants down a drain. Crossflow is constant which in turn washes the membrane, keeping it contaminant free at all times. 

RO does not require electricity or chemicals. Hyper-filtration methods alongside other technologies purify water up to 99.9%. RO technology by itself can remove 99% of minerals from water. Hyper-filtration also siphons out salts, sugars, dyes, proteins, particles, bacteria, and other small pollutants.

Hyper-filtration is useful in residential and industrial zones. Some RO systems are especially good at desalinating seawater and creating potable water from contaminated sources. One of these successful systems is the Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit (or ROWPU). ROWPU was created for easy transport by the military to act as a self-contained water treatment plant. ROWPU can provide potable water from most any water source. The United States Armed Forces operates various ROWPU models. Models vary from mobile units and ROWPU trailers to containerized models.

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