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Responsible Pet Ownership

August 07, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Responsible pet ownership extends just caring for your own pet.  It also means doing everything we can to decrease the numbers of homeless animals all across our nation.  And each of us has the power to affect this situation because every unwanted litter born to un-spayed or un-neutered pets just adds to the over-burdened animal shelter system that houses millions of homeless pets awaiting adoption, or worse, euthanasia.  Plus, unwanted diseases can be spread more rapidly by unwanted, unvaccinated, wild pets roaming freely.

Here are some common questions regarding spaying and neutering.
Q.  Isn’t spaying and neutering an expensive surgical process?
A.  No. Low-cost clinics are available in every city to provide you with the free service or prices as low as $50 for the entire procedure, sometimes depending upon your income. These services are lovingly provided by veterinarians who donate their time to support the idea of responsible pet ownership.

Q. Will my pet get fat if surgically altered?
A.  Many pets settle down a little bit after the surgery, but not enough to cause weight gain. Usually it’s the aggressive tendencies and roaming that disappears. You’ll need to provide the appropriate exercise and play time that all healthy pets need.

Q.  Isn’t an animal birth a wonderful experience for my child to witness?
A.  Actually, mothers generally will go into hiding upon giving birth and dragging them out of their seclusion would be cruel.  The best way to teach children about responsible pet ownership is taking them to the shelter to see all the unwanted animals that need love and care.

Q. Will my male dog be less of a “male” after the surgery?
A. Neutering your dog will only destroy his aggressive fighting and territorial tendencies against other dogs.  He will still protect your family and home fiercely, if that’s what he has been taught.  Most dogs have an aggressive personality only if it is genetic to their breed or it is learned from their owners.

Q. Won’t lots of people want of my purebred puppies?

A.  Breeding your dog is only appropriate if supervised by a veterinarian and if you are prepared to keep all the puppies if you cannot sell them.  There are lots of purebred puppies currently awaiting adoption already at our nation’s shelters.

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