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Replacement Filters

May 23, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

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Water filters are mechanisms that remove water contaminants physically, chemically, and through biological processes. Filters are important for use and upkeep of irrigation systems, swimming pools, aquariums, and public water works.

The primary goals of water filters are to soften water and eliminate chemical pollutants (chlorine is most common). Some researchers believe the pollutants in unfiltered drinking water are to blame for a higher incidence of cancer in unfiltered households. The most common reported problem that causes people to seek filtration is much simpler: water taste or odor.

Frequently, manufacturers provide12 months of replacement filters for people purchasing a new filter system. Retailers also offer "annual filter replacement packages" for other product owners. Buying replacement filters in bulk can cut product cost, eliminate potential shipping expenses for specialty items, and create a replacement filter surplus to guarantee that replacement filters do not run out unexpectedly. When a year’s supply of filters runs out, it is a good time to schedule your yearly maintenance checkup for your filtration unit.

Replacement filters can also be bought individually. Before choosing a filtration unit, consider the cost of replacement filters. Some filters are quite expensive and constitute a continuing cost.

Another avenue to saving money is discussing the possibility of buying replacement filters direct from the system manufacturer. The filters may cost less in direct bulk shipments than they would off the retail shelf.

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