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May 16, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

In today’s flashy and high-tech world, no office would be complete without a presentation projector.  Projectors help bring your presentations and meeting content to life and leave a lasting impression on clients and prospects.  However, projectors are also useful at home for viewing larger-than-life movies and slide shows.  Choosing the right projector will take some research. 

The first consideration is to know the size of the room in which the projector will be used.   Determine the size and brightness of the room and also the number of people who will be viewing the presentation.  This will help you choose the lumens needed to produce the best results.  For example, an audience of 5-50 people in a room with moderate to regular light would require a projector with 600-1,000 lumens.  Projectors are available for up to auditorium-sized areas with 2,000+ lumens.

Another specification to research is the resolution of the projector. Resolution technology is constantly evolving, so it is wise to select the highest resolution that you can afford at the moment.  If you will be displaying a lot of small text, showing detailed graphics, or viewing HD movies, you will need a machine that offers higher resolution.

Next, research any optional features that you may or may not need.  Some projectors come with a wireless mouse or remote control for navigating your slide show.  Other important features include zoom capabilities, aspect ratio adjustments, and enlargement capabilities.  Determine which of these features you will need based on your use requirements.  Also check the connection type to make sure you will be able to easily hook the projector to your computer.

Finally, consider the weight of the projector you are purchasing.  Light-weight portable projectors make it easy to transport your projector between your office, a client’s office, and your home.  Portable projectors can weigh as little as 5 pounds, but smaller projectors often cost more.  Go with the lightest projector that fits into your budget.

With this wide range of options and features, it is no surprise that a presentation projector can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000.  A little research will go a long way in choosing the projector that is right for you and your wallet.

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