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Pet Cremation Urn

August 07, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

If you want a decorative reminder to commemorate and honor your pet, a pet cremation urn will find its place in your home and in your heart.

You’ll have many choices to consider when deciding upon urns:
Size:  There’s an urn for every size pet.  The basic formula is to allow for 1 cubic inch per pound, but the people you purchase it from will guide you on the proper sizing to suit your pet. Usually, you’ll purchase an urn slightly larger than is necessary just in case you want to include favorite toys or other mementoes inside.

Price:  A pet urn can be purchased online or from a pet funeral provider from about $25-$300 and up.  

Shape:  You’ll want to pick a shape you love and of course, “sky’s the limit” when it comes to the design you choose.  It can be as simple as a rectangular box, or an ornate vase, even a miniature dog house.  

Construction:  Again, urns are made of just about anything, including woods like mahogany, oak, walnut, ash, cherry or maple or other substances like brass, stone, marble and ceramic.  

Lid:  You can even design a custom-made figurine that looks just like your pet to be placed on the urn’s lid which is usually sealed to prevent accidents.  Just ask the urn manufacturer what they can do for you.

Place: A funeral home or the vet can provide a cremation as well as a proper urn for your pet. This is not a do-it-yourself process. Funeral homes generally charge less and in most cases your pet can be returned to you the following day. Other places to find urns are online where you browse around until you find a style that suits your pet perfectly.

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