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August 07, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Most pets are considered a member of the family, so when there is a pet death the whole family grieves. Even though you may never want to think about it, there are many lovely ways to deal with honoring your pet in a way that suits your budget and your family’s needs. An actual pet burial in a pet cemetery or even at home is a wonderful way to create closure and memories for your family.  Other ways like pet cremation, artwork and memorials can help pet-loving families deal with their grief and loss.  

  • Bury your pet at home.  This works best for families with small children who would like to remain as close as possible to their pet.  It lets children know there pet is still with them.  You can create a memorial by burying him under a special tree or creating a stone design over top of the grave.  Planting a special flower bed also teaches children about renewal and the cycles of life. The whole family can create a plaque or gravestone together that commemorates your love for your pet.  This is also the least costly of all the methods of caring for your pet’s burial. Just make sure you place your pet in a thick, sealed plastic bag or in a wooden or metal box at least 3 feet deep, enough to prevent other animals or even children from digging. Check you local government for rules about pet home burials.
  • Bury your pet in a pet cemetery.  The major benefit of a cemetery as a final resting place for your pet is that even if you move, your pet will always be there for you to visit. You can choose whether to cremate or bury your pet as there are many different plans available. Plus, you can choose either a private plot or a communal area. A pet cemetery is often a full-service funeral provider that can advises you and supply you with a burial or cremation, funeral service arrangements, memorials, gravestones, caskets and urns. Just check your local yellow pages under pet cemeteries.  You can also get more information by contacting the International Association of Pet Cemeteries online at www.iaopc.com or by calling 1-800-952-5541. The humane society of the United States also offers comprehensive information, online at www.hsus.org/pets  on the final resting of your pets.

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