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Paper Shredders

May 16, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Paper shredders are a critical piece of equipment for any home or business office.  Shredders are an important line of defense in protecting yourself from identity theft and protecting confidential business records.

Paper shredders come in a variety of sizes and prices.  When shopping for a paper shredder, the first question to ask is how many documents will you need to shred per day.  Low volume shredders can handle 5-8 pages at a time and can cost as little as $15.  However, if you have a larger volume of paper you will want to find a machine that can shred higher quantities of paper at one time.  In addition to paper, some machines will also shred CDs and/or credit cards. 

Another feature you may be interested in is a cross-cut feature.  Rather than turning documents into long strips, cross cut shredders cut documents in two directions making them nearly impossible to be pieced back together.

High volume shredders can cost up to $200 or more, but for many companies it is a necessary expense.  Depending on your needs, there are shredders that start automatically, have reverse functions, or have automatic feeders.

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