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May 16, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Office equipment
A Consumer’s Guide

  • Laser Printers
Laser printers are the most popular type of printer in the business market because of their advanced technology, print quality and high speed.  However, the printer you chose should be best suited to the needs and budget of your office.  Check out our printer reviews to learn about more printing options.
  • Fax Machines
Fax technology has changed dramatically over the years and has brought a wide range of options to consumers.  Our guide will help you wade through the information to make the best purchase for your needs.
  • Photo Copiers
Photocopiers are constantly evolving to offer more and more convenient options to users.  Many copiers can be linked to the office network to serve as a multi-functioning copier, printer, and scanner.  However, basic units are still available and dropping costs make them affordable for offices of all sizes.
  • Flatbed Scanners
Flatbed scanners are quickly becoming a necessary item in many homes and offices.  For many consumers, the ability to scan an image directly to a computer offers the convenience of emailing pictures or files to others.  Visit our product information guide to discover what features are worth consideration when purchasing a scanner. 
  • Digital Cameras
Digital cameras are now present in nearly every home and office, but the product specs can be more than confusing.  You want to make sure you get the most for you money with the features to suit your needs.  Our consumer’s guide can help you make sense of the numbers and find the digital camera that’s right for you. 
  • Ink Supplies
Purchasing printer ink supplies, like ink or toner cartridge replacements, can be just as confusing as the printer purchase itself.  Don’t waste time and money by selecting the wrong refill for your equipment.  Check out our guides to learn how to order the correct product at the best price. 
  • Paper Shredders
Document shredding is critical for any home or office to be protected against many types of identity theft and fraud.  Shredders are available to handle all sized jobs – from a few household bills to large documents to CDs and credit cards.  Visit our paper shredder page to learn about key features and top manufacturers.

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