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Xerox Printers

May 26, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Xerox capitalizes on their name brand recognition in the copying industry to market their small line of laser printers.  Four black and white and four color models offer consumers plenty of options to meet their needs.

Xerox printers offer some impressive features that are not found with other brands.  Many Xerox printers offer various media input trays for all types of paper and unattended printing. Business integration and networking is possible through connectivity from 10/100 BaseTX Ethernet, USB, Parallel and even Token Ring aids.  More unique features from Xerox allow for collating, stapling and hole punching.

Xerox laser printers are slightly more expensive than others, but their value is outstanding.  Printers ranging from $550-$6,000 offer a one-year onsite warranty as well as the excellent reliability and consistent speed that come with the Xerox name.

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