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May 30, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

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The first insurance company was established in England after the Great Fire of London destroyed over 13,000 homes. Nicholas Barbon opened The Fire House in 1680. Since then, the insurance industry has grown into a multi-trillion dollar a year industry! 

Insurance companies offer policies to cover any major purchase  or any valuable personal asset (like a baseball pitcher’s arm).  Here are the most common types of insurance in use today:

Home Insurance: insures your home (house, apartment, condo, vacation property) against damage, theft or loss based on the value of your home and belongings.

Business Insurance: similar to home insurance, insures your business facility, assets, and employees.

Car Insurance: insures your vehicle against accidents of any kind and theft.  Some policies even cover you while driving a rental car.

Life Insurance: this is an important part of your financial planning, especially if you are the main wage-earner in your household and/or you have dependants.

Health Insurance: even as the costs continue to rise, it is still beneficial to have health insurance to cover physician’s office visits, prescriptions, ER visits and hospitalization.

Dental Insurance: is a type of health insurance that covers dental procedures and treatments.  Some plans also cover orthodontic work and appliances, like braces.

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