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Inkjet Printers

May 26, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Inkjet and laser printing technologies emerged in the early 1980s when users became interested in printers that produced a higher quality look with less noise.  Even though inkjet printers were available, it was nearly 10 more years until prices reached a reasonable rate that made them available in the marketplace.

Inkjet printers are a popular choice for home computer users looking for the look of a laser printer without the price. Use of inkjet printers in an office setting has decreased but remains strong in smaller markets.

Inkjet printers work by depositing tiny bits of ink thousands of times a second onto the page.  It is best to use high-quality paper products with inkjet printers and also allow a few seconds for the ink to dry in order to get the best results. 

Inkjet Basics

  • Up to 4 page per minute (ppm) speed
  • Many connectivity options
  • Medium to high color resolution
  • Medium to high paper sheet capacity
  • Average ink cartridge life and cost

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