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How Do I Send a Greeting Card My Mother on Mother’s Day

May 07, 2012  |  Difficulty: Easy

how to easily send a Greeting Card on Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is a special celebration. The tradition of honoring mothers is carried out in many countries all over the World. It is celebrated on various days, and yet it is most commonly recognized in March, April, or May. The majority of the countries (around 60 countries, including the USA) that celebrate Mother’s day do so on the second Sunday of May, this year that date is May 13, 2012.

These days, more and more people work and live far away from their homes and mothers, so they communicate with their relatives over the Internet, typically using any number of social networks, emails or instant messengers. There is however another nice option for sending a greeting to your mother on Mother’s day; using an eCard which is a customizable and an interactive electronic card. In the instructions below I’ll show you how to send an eCard focused on this special day in the year and demonstrate your love for your mother, even if you are not able to do it in person.

Using 123Greetings® to send Mother’s day eCards:

  1. Launch your Internet browser and go to the one of the preferred sections on the 123Greetings® website (all related to the Mother’s Day):

    Happy Mother’s Day
    Thank You
    Love You Mom
    Special Moms
    Between Women
    Mother’s Day - Friends
  2. Click on the eCard you wish to send.
  3. Select music to accompany your card from the dropdown menu below the image if you wish to enhance your message with sound.
  4. Type in the “Sender’s name”, “Sender’s email”, “Receiver’s name”, “Receiver’s email”, “Message”, and delivery date.
  5. Click on the “Send Now” button.
  6. Your eCard has now been sent. You can send it to others as well by clicking on the “Send this eCard to someone else!” button. You will then need to type in the necessary information and send the eCard again.

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