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How Do I Search Google® on a Higher Level

February 22, 2012  |  Difficulty: Medium

how to search on Google® effectively.

In the Google® search box you can enter a simple phrase and get a list of pages where it is found. However, there are many common and useful tricks, so you can refine your search or use the search engine for purposes other than just searching websites. The Google® search engine is immensely developed, and continuously adds interesting features that improve your searches, only a few of them are mentioned in this article. Because searching is for most a daily routine it is useful to know how to search on Google® effectively.

Special Charactersand Operators to add with your search term:

  1. +          This word must be contained in the search results.
  2. -           This word can’t be contained in the search results.
  3. “”          The phrase in quotation marks must be contained in the search results.
  4. *           A star can substitute the word(s) you do not know in the phrase.
  5. ~          Search for the word and its synonyms (English only).
  6. OR        this will display  results where both expressions are found (typed with spaces).
  7. AND      This will display only the results with both words.

Search bar commands:

  1. allintitle: Search term - search in the page’s header regardless of the order of words.
  2. define: Search term - finds the definition of the term (English only).
  3. inanchor: Search term - searches only links.
  4. intext: Search term - looks purely at the text on the page, the page title will be ignored.
  5. intitle: Search term - searches the page’s header.
  6. inurl: Search term - finds the expression in the URL of the page.
  7. cache: Web address - finds the latest archived copy on the Web.
  8. filetype: File type extension - searches for files with the specified suffix     
  9. info: Site name - Search information on the Web.
  10. link: Web address - Finds sites from the web address reference you entered.
  11. related: Site name - Find similar sites.
  12. site: Domain - Just search on the specified site.

Additional features:

  1. Weather – Type in “weather <town>” - Weather and forecast for the town specified.
  2. Sports results – Type in “<sports club>” – Google® will find the latest match result for the team.
  3. Calculator – Just type in the mathematical formula (Google® accepts +, -, *, /, ^, sqrt, sin, cos, tan. %, log, ! symbols).
  4. Unit converter – Type in <number units> and Google® automatically convert it. It actually works as part of the calculator, so you can count them.
  5. Currency converter – Just type in the amount and currency, then “to” or “in” and then the required currency (e.g., 100 USD to EUR).

Tips and Tricks:

  • For specific results use the left filter pane in the Google® interface (Images, Videos, News, etc.).

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