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How Do I Install Minecraft® Mods

February 03, 2014  |  Difficulty: Easy

Find out where to get Minecraft® Mode

The popularity of Minecraft® continues to grow, as does Minecraft® Mods. Short for modication, Mods vary the game by adding content and creating different environments from the original Minecraft® structure. Mods are becoming increasingly popular and in-depth, adding completely new experiences and goals to the game. Players who previously lost interest in the original game now are able to engage in the game they loved but with alternate game play. Find out where to get Minecraft® Mods in the instructions below.

Find and Install Minecraft® Mods:

  1. Launch your Internet Browser and go to the Minecraft® Mods site.
  2. Browse the Mods and find the one you like.
  3. In your favored Mod description, scroll to the end until you reach the section “How to install … Mod”.
  4. Follow the instructions carefully. If installing more than one Mod, be sure to pay close attention to each one’s instructions since they are specific to each individually Mod.

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