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How Do I Improve My Communication Speed with an iPhone® Keyboard

April 18, 2013  |  Difficulty: Hard

iPhone® keyboard’s features

More and more people are using the iPhone® for Internet communication, including email, instant messaging, social networks, etc. A majority of users don’t even know about the keyboard’s special functions that can really facilitate your communication speed. If you've just started using an iDevice or haven’t explored its complete functionality, read the tips below to find out more about the iPhone® keyboard’s many features that simplify and speed up your work on the device.

iPhone® keyboard tips:

  1. International Keyboard – If you need to communicate in a different language, you can toggle between the different keyboards.
    Go toSettings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards” to add a new language to your active keyboards list. Once done, you simply have to tap on the globe icon beside the space bar on the keyboard to switch to another language.
  2. Specific Symbols – If you can’t find a symbol you need, just tap and hold on a related symbol (e.g., for the € symbol, simply tap and hold the $ key and a list of alternate currency symbols, including €, will appear) and select the symbol you need.
    This also works if you want to quickly change a domain name extension. Just tap and hold the .COM key to select alternate extensions.
  3. Quick way to start a new sentence – If you want to finish a sentence and start new, simply double-tap the space button.
    This feature is not enabled by default on your iPhone®. Go to “Settings > General > Keyboard > "." Shortcut” to turn the feature on.
  4. Quickly Insert Punctuation – If you want to insert only one special symbol from the “123” menu, tap and hold the "123" key. This will automatically switch you back to the alphabet keyboard after picking the symbol from the special symbols and numbers.
  5. Delete Text Using Gestures - Instead of holding the delete key to remove typed text, you may simply shake the iPhone® (once to your left and back). This will prompt you with an option to 'Undo Typing'. Tapping this button will automatically delete your recently typed text.


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