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How Do I Identify Fake Facebook® Accounts

February 13, 2013  |  Difficulty: Easy

general advice for keeping yourself safe when using Facebook®.

Social networks are a very powerful marketing tool and mass communication medium that can be easily abused. There are no limitations on creating new Facebook® accounts, and many spammers as well as attackers know that. They have figured out how to use the popular social networking site to gain access to you and your friends for their own selfish purposes.

People with these kind of intentions simply sign up for multiple accounts and try connecting to you and everyone on your friends list. They may claim they are beautiful girls looking for a fun time or your old high school friends. So how are you to know for sure whether someone who is trying friend you on Facebook® is a legitimate friend or not?

Barracuda Networks® released the findings from its most recent study that helps distinguish attackers from real users. Below you can read the study's four key findings and general advice for keeping yourself safe when using Facebook®.

Advice on How to Avoid Fake Facebook® Accounts:

  1. According to the Barracuda Networks® study, 60% of fake account users are bisexuals; they are interested in men and women.
  2. Fake account users usually have over five hundred friends, generally six times more than the average Facebook® user.
  3. Fake account users tend to abuse photo tagging and on average do this about 100 times more often than real users.
  4. Fake account users almost always claim to be females.
  5. Generally, fake account users tend not to update their statuses at all.
  6. Nearly 70% of all fake account users claim to have attended college, but the college usually is suspiciously close to their high school.
  7. Fake account users list interests in entertainment only 35% of the time, while 77% of real users do.


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