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How Do I Hard Reset Windows Phone℠ Smartphone

February 13, 2013  |  Difficulty: Easy

hard reset a Windows PhoneSM smartphone.

Sometimes you need to get your phone back to its factory settings. This would typically happen when you are selling your smartphone, you want to give your system a performance boost or you just want to have a completely clean device. The instructions below explain two different ways for you to hard reset a Windows PhoneSM smartphone. Keep in mind that a hard reset will remove all data from the device.

Hard Reset Instructions:

First method:

  1. Go to “Start Screen > Applications list > Settings”.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and choose “About”.
  3. Press “Reset your phone” and then tap on “Yes”.

Second method:

  1. Press and hold the “Camera + Volume Down + Power” buttons simultaneously.
  2. Release the “Power” button when the phone vibrates, but continue to hold down the “Camera” and “Volume Down” buttons.
  3. Release the “Camera” and “Volume Down” button when the “Format prompt” is displayed on screen.
  4. Press the “Windows” button twice to confirm.

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