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How Do I Copy the Format in Microsoft® Word

October 04, 2011  |  Difficulty: Easy

How to use the format painter in Microsoft® Word 2010

Text format generally refers to the settings of size, spacing, color, font, position, etc. of text in a document. After you type some text and then spend time adjusting its format, you are finding the ideal settings for it. You may want to apply the same format to other text without re-doing everything. The following steps will describe how to use the format painter in Microsoft® Word 2010. (This tool works the same in previous versions but can be found in a different location).


  1. Start the Microsoft® Word application, and open a document with the formatted text you want to replicate.
  2. Select a portion of the text you want to copy to the format painter.
    If you only want to copy text settings, just select a couple of words.
    If you want to copy line formatting and numbering, etc., then select a whole line.
  3. Click the “Format Painter” button in the “Home” tab in the “Clipboard” section.
  4. The cursor will change to the brush symbol.
  5. Select the unformatted text you want to change the same way you did in Step 2.

Tips and Tricks:

  • To select a whole line, place the mouse cursor in front of the line so it changes to a reversed arrow (right-pointing arrow) and click.
  • To undo your changes, click the “undo arrow” button in the main navigation bar, or press the “Ctrl” + “Z” keys.


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