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How Do I Choose a Data Backup Software

January 10, 2012  |  Difficulty: Easy

online storage applications for backing up

Backing up your data is important and quite necessary nowadays, as we face increased Internet threats and hardware or software failures more regularly. You can back up your data manually when you want, use hard drives to mirror your files, or use online backup tools. This article will focus on online storage applications for backing up your data. Using specialized software for backups is typically more comfortable and accurate than through other means. There are many backup applications available offering online storage and restoration, and some are more robust than others. Choose a price plan that best suits your needs, although some brands even offer free service. Below is listed of some notable online backup services along with their key features.

Online data backup software:

  1. Online Vault – home page

    - Free and paid versions available

    - File encryption during backups and storage

    - Telephone and online ticket support

    - Easy-to-use interface

    - Ability to back up Facebook® profiles

    - Scheduled backups

    - Windows®, Android™, BlackBerry® and Mac OS® versions available

    - Email and Contact backups

  2. MozyPro® – home page

    - Backups for every business

    - Easy account management

    - Automatic or scheduled backups

    - Custom configuration

    - Incremental backups

    - Reliable data restores

    - Encryption

  3. Carbonite® Home – home page

    - Scheduled backups

    - Ability to back up multiple versions of the same files

    - Manage your own encryption key

    - Select which files are recovered first

    - Create a mirror image of your computer

  4. NovaBACKUP®  Professional – home page

    - Easy to use

    - Local and online backups

    - Step-by-Step Wizard

    - US based telephone support

    - Popularity

    - 15 day trial version

    - Supports Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, and Windows® 7 operating systems

    - Virus scanning

  5. Genie Backup Manager© Home – home page

    - Outlook® and Outlook® Express backups

    - Back up locked and open files

    - Scheduled backups

    - Disaster Recovery

    - Supports Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, and Windows® 7 operating systems

    - Backup to tape

    - Live chat and telephone support

  6. Norton® Ghost – home page

    - Creates full system and file backups

    - Restores from system failures

    - Saves recovery points to offsite locations, including FTP

    - Easy to use

  7. Acronis Backup & Recovery® – home page

    - Full system recovery

    - Integrated data protection

    - iSCSI device support

    - Password protection

    - Tape drive support

    - Event-based backups

    - Easy to use

  8. TurboBackup® – home page

    - One click to set Restore Point

    - Schedule backups and unattended silent backups

    - Templates for Registry and Settings backups

    - CD/DVD Mastered and Windows Vista® / Windows®7 Live File System backups

    - Good user interface


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