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How Do I Choose Between a Laptop or Desktop PC

January 09, 2012  |  Difficulty: Easy

information that can help you with your final decision

When choosing a computer to buy focus on your needs and budget to help determine the required hardware and software. Laptops are very popular nowadays and the performance difference between them and traditional desktop personal computers is narrowing each day. But there are reasons why a desktop personal computer would be preferred over a laptop. Below is useful information that can help you with your final decision.

Why should I choose a laptop?

  1. Mobility – The key advantage of this type of computer is its portability. If you travel often or want to carry your computer with you, then choose a laptop.
  2. Space – A laptop computer contains all the necessary devices for everyday use, so if you want to save space on your desktop, choose a laptop.
  3. Power consumption – Generally, laptop components are designed to consume less power than a desktop PC. If you want to save energy, choose a laptop.

Why should I choose a desktop PC?

  1. Repairs – Computer parts for desktop PCs are more easily accessible and you can choose from more types of compatible products.
  2. Performance – Desktop PCs are generally more powerful than laptops, so if you are a gamer and want play modern games you should choose a desktop PC, because for the same money as a laptop, you can buy a more powerful desktop computer.
  3. Comfort – Working on a PC with a classic keyboard, mouse, and large display is more comfortable than working on a laptop. Of course, you can plug all these devices into a laptop but this increases the cost of the workstation. If comfort is relevant to your decision, choose a desktop PC.

Tips and Tricks:

Put some thought into the usage of your computer and keep the future in mind. Remember that the price and performance of both laptops and desktop PCs for standard use is becoming more equal.

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