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Honor Your Pet’s Life

August 07, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

There are as many ways to deal with your pet’s loss as there are breeds of pets.  Making it special has been proven to help all family members to feel better sooner.

Since most children do not understand cremation the same way they can understand the burial of a dead pet, be sure to find out if this is an appropriate choice for them.  If you decide to cremate, there is a wealth of choices for you to consider.  Just check your local yellow pages.  Then,  get together with family members to decide whether to keep the ashes of your pet in an urn, placed somewhere in the home or whether to scatter your pet’s ashes in some meaningful place such as the beach where your pet loved to run or your backyard where he played and lounged every day of his life. You’ll need to check with your local government on restrictions for ash scattering. Pet cremation can be done individually or in conjunction with others in a mass cremation. Be sure to check with your providers different offerings.

Another meaningful pet memorial is called Pet Rendering, which involves creating fertilizers by processing the animal body in a certain way. This way your pet’s remains will continue to give life to the soil and become part of the cycle of life.  Check your local humane society or vet to find a facility that provides renderings where you live.

Something to consider while your pet is still lovingly alive is to hire an artist or photographer to commemorate your pet by creating a stunning painting or photograph that captures your pet’s spirit.  You can even try to do it yourself if there’s an amateur artist or photographer in the family.  Doing it will create lasting fun memories and the final product will be a constant reminder of your love for your pet.
Other ways to commemorate and honor your pet’s life include holding a candlelight vigil, donating to the humane society in your pet’s name, creating a website about your pet, creating a memory box, planting a living memorial or creating a family scrapbook.  Browse around online for even more ideas created by loving pet owners that helped them through their grief.

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