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Buying a Home with History

May 27, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Cosy home
You see the potential in it. It is lived in and older, but you feel that this is the home for you. Before you start to get the moving trucks you must assess if the house is in buying shape.

A building inspector is key for buying a home with history. This person will check out the property and give the overall rating. The inspector will then give you a list of things that might present problems in the future or may need immediate repair.

When touring a home, look past the color of the walls and the great kitchen cabinets. If you take a closer look you might be able to assess if it is worth making an offer and paying the inspector fee. After your sweeping inspection, you can then call the property inspector to take a more magnified look. The inspector will let you know if the home is worth the investment.

You can talk to the real estate agent about any problematic issues that the property may present. But you do not want to rely completely on this information. The real estate agent is looking to sell quickly, so as to collect commission. So the information could be biased or untrue.

If you feel the property is worth looking into, call the building inspector. The fee that you have to pay will help you in the long run. The building inspector can prevent you from investing in a property that will only give you frustration, headache and bankruptcy in the future.

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