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May 27, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Dollars in a bag

Although the interest rates can be higher, finance companies are an option for those seeking a home mortgage loan. Overall, loan companies might not be as secure as a bank, but each company is different. You must weigh the pros and cons of each company before you buy their services. 

Since banks and credit unions are sticklers on credit, you might want to go with a finance company that is willing to do business with a buyer who has a less than perfect credit history. So if you have a credit report that isn’t so stellar, don’t fret. There just may be a finance institution that will deal with you.

There are finance companies that actually focus on helping individuals who have a blotched credit history. Some companies profess to be trained to give you “credit repair”, meaning that they are willing to work with you to help boost that low credit rating. If you have to start out with a high interest rate there is hope. Once you establish a solid payment history, you will most likely be able to re-negotiate to lower your rate.

If you have a low credit score there is another option. Small mortgage lenders are not finance companies, banks or credit unions. They actually work to get mortgage buyers, and battle to obtain your business. This means that they are willing to negotiate with borrowers who have low credit scores. These mortgage lenders are small companies with a somewhat unstable future. If you do seek out a small mortgage lender, look for the most reputable. It would be a nightmare if your lender went bankrupt while you are in the middle of paying your mortgage.

Before you give anyone your business you need to know the institution’s reputation, how stable they are and that they are able to back you up financially. Go to these agencies’ websites to get the facts about a potential lender.

The stability and performance of financial companies are taken into account and then they are given a rating. If the rating is high, that indicates that your potential loaner has a solid financial history. There is also a customer satisfaction rating. Remember, a company can have a strong financial history, but still lacks within the customer service department.

But what if your lender is a small company that presently does not have a rating? It is in your best interest to speak with individuals who have worked closely with the company. Getting their insight might help you determine the overall strength of the company. You should also call the nearest Better Business Bureau to see what type of files they have on your lender.

Searching for a great interest rate is important, but you must look for a lender that can stand the test of time. They are backing you financially, if they crack, you fall into foreclosure. Researching to find the right lender can save you from frustration and calamity.

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