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Computer Desk Features

May 26, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Size: The first of computer desk features to consider is what size desk will fit in the space available.  Be sure to calculate room for the desk chair and any other office furniture, as well as space to move around the office.

Surface Space: Think about what you will be placing in and on the desk.  Make sure there is sufficient desk space for your computer, keyboard, mouse, speakers, printer, telephone, etc.  Also leave room for any filing system and decorations you plan to place on the surface.

Keyboard Drawer: A keyboard drawer is the most convenient place to store your keyboard without taking up space on the desk.  The keyboard and mouse sitting on a keyboard drawer can be stored under the desktop when no in use, keeping them free of dust and other particles that affect their performance.

Grommet Hole: The grommet hole allows you to drop power and connection cords through the computer to reach power and network outlets. Make sure the grommet hole is easily accessible to the surface area where you wish to place your computer.

Desk Wheels: If you are choosing a computer cart or armoire, it may come equipped with wheels for easy mobility.  Be sure that the wheels include a brake system so you can lock down the desk when it is in the desired position.

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