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Extra Expenses Associated with Moving

April 03, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

You’ve found that perfect home! It took work but this one is it! Good neighborhood, great school and a moderate commute to the workplace. Everything is established.

Well, maybe not everything.

You have to get into that new house somehow, so take into account the moving cost. Even if you are doing the actual moving yourself you will need to rent a truck from a local rental company. If you add this expense to your budget ahead of time you can save yourself some trouble.

You might not do everything yourself. Will you have movers pack up the boxes and then move them to your new home? This will cost money. Your employer may pay back these expenses, but most likely you will have to pay for these expenses up front, and then reclaim the cash later. Make sure you keep this in mind.

Besides the extra expenses associated with moving, there are other things to consider. What if you hate the wallpaper? What if you need window coverings? Not thinking about these things can postpone the transition process, leaving the home looking less desirable until you have the money to change it.  

If you have been renting an apartment it is possible that your new home is a lot bigger than your previous space. If so, you may want to furnish the extra rooms. This is completely your choice; you can choose to move without purchasing new furniture.  However, keep in mind how your current furniture fits in with the newer, bigger floor plan.

A lot of people forget to budget in window coverings. These are important; you don’t want your new neighbors watching your every move until you can afford to cover up your windows. There may be a hideous color of green on the walls of your bedroom; you don’t want to feel uncomfortable for weeks until you can afford the buckets of paint. Just take into consideration the small things, and leave room in your budget to take care of them. 

These are just a few of the extra expenses that you will have to place into your moving budget. Even though it may be a lot to think about, you will thank yourself later. Because having extra finances to cover these expenses can take a newly bought house into a prideful new home.

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