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Ergonomic Chairs

May 26, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

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Ergonomics is the scientific study of human motion with the goal of increasing efficiency and safety. Ergonomic design for the workplace takes into account human anatomy, physiology, and psychology in order to design workstations and processes that increase productivity while reducing weariness and injury.  Ergonomics is not only used to design work systems, but also automotive controls, sporting equipment, and many other products involved in our daily lives. 

For office workers, ergonomic chairs will increase comfort throughout the day as well as reduce the risk of health problems in the long run.  Ailments that can be caused by an improper chair can include carpel tunnel syndrome and pinched nerves in the neck or back.  An ergonomically designed chair will allow you to properly adjust your seated position and sit comfortably throughout the entire day

Here are some of the functions and adjustments available in ergonomically designed office chairs:

  • Seat Height - raise or lower the chair so your knees are at a comfortable angle with your feet resting on the floor or riser and your elbows are at a 90-degree angle
  • Seat Angle/Tilt - position the seat angle to reduce strain in the lower back and upper thighs
  • Back Angle - adjust the back angle so you are comfortably straight and can easily access your equipment
  • Backrest Height - various backrest heights accommodate the level of upper back support you require
  • Backrest Depth - adjusts for longer or shorter leg lengths to allow your knees to bend comfortably over the seat
  • Lumber Pump - adjustable support that helps support the natural curve of your lower back
  • Armrest Height - position the armrest to support your arms during tasks and to suit your desk height
  • Armrest Width - some armrest widths can be adjusted to suit your shoulder span
  • Headrest Height - some chairs include headrests that can be adjusted to support the neck and upper back
  • Headrest Depth - depth can be adjusted to support your neck at the proper angle

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