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Ergonomic Office Chairs

May 26, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

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Any office worker will confirm that there is a significant difference between cheap office chairs and well-designed, quality ergonomic office chairs.  Poorly-fitted chairs cause poor circulation, sore backs and necks, and much more.  A comfortable chair can increase productivity and decrease sustained pain

Your job duties and functions will determine the type of office chair that is right for you.  Ergonomic chairs can cost anywhere between $60 to $1,200 depending on features and fabric.  The cost may seen a little extreme, but remember that spending money for a quality office chair can spare you from long-term or even permanent discomfort caused by improper ergonomics. 

Office chairs can be found in the following styles:

Executive Office (or Managers’) Chairs - executive chairs are generally leather-covered with mid to high back rests as well as armrests.  They provide an elegant and professional look with high comfort for the executive who spends a great deal of time at his/her desk.

Intensive Use (or 24/7 Seating) – 24 hour chairs are heavy-duty chairs designed to comfortably support workers who sit for hours at a time, such as emergency dispatchers, security monitors, or call center agents.  These chairs typically offer adjustable lumbar support, mid to high backs, and armrests.

Big & Tall – big & tall chairs are spacious and sturdy and can often hold up to 500lbs. or more.  Most are designed with workers in mind who weigh more than 285lbs and/or are greater than 6’3” in height.  Features may include a reinforced frame, seat contours, wider surface area, and durable padding.

Lab/Medical - Ergonomic lab chairs are designed for taller workstations and frequent movement.  These chairs are adjustable up to 35”, include a footrest, and do not have armrests.

Task Seating - task chairs are designed for medium duty use and are suitable for a residential or small office use.  They offer a wide range or prices and adjustment options to meet any need.  Task chairs are ideal for computer workstations and moderate mobility needs.

Industrial - industrial chairs offer sturdy casters designed for concrete floors.  Easy cleaning fabric is desirable if you work in a dusty environment.  These chairs come in a variety of heights and a number of adjustment options.

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