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Energy Star

May 13, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

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Many researchers agree that the burning of fossil fuels (in cars for instance) and its carbon dioxide byproduct creates a harmful mix when joined with greenhouse gases (released from electric items) in the atmosphere. Together they are the likely culprits of environmental changes (extreme weather) and phenomenal raises in the Earth’s temperature (the increase of roughly 1 degree Fahrenheit, 0.56 degrees Celsius, in the last century is an extremely rapid increase).

Some greenhouse gases are emitted from common electric items (particularly air conditioners). Older and less efficient machines are most likely to emit damaging gases. Energy Star is a conglomeration of the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. EPA, utility companies, product manufacturers and retailers that work together to create environmentally safe, energy efficient electronic devices that surpass government standards.

Air conditioners sporting the Energy Star label boast efficiency 10% higher than the minimum government imposed EER requirement. These machines do not consume as much energy, which has two benefits: first, they will cut down on electric bills by around 20% and secondly, their low electric consumption results in minimal greenhouse gas output.

Energy Star has calculated that if everyone buys products that meet their superior energy efficiency standards, the nation’s annual energy costs will be $100 billion lower within the next 15 years. Energy Star claims this would also reduce greenhouse gas emissions so greatly that it would be comparable to the removal of 17 million cars from the roads for each of those 15 years.

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