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Digital Cameras

May 16, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

What started out as an expensive luxury item has turned into one of the hottest consumer must-have products of the 21st century!  The digital camera has revolutionized the way we take and use photographs.  Digital technology allows users to instantly view results, edit pictures, and share pictures with friends and family.

Prices of digital cameras vary immensely depending on camera features and specifications included.  Variations are mainly based on the resolution, compression, and zoom options offered by each digital camera.  It is possible to cut corners on some of these features, but consumers should research these options to know what they will be missing before making a decision.

Here are a few important terms to understand before choosing a digital camera:

Interpolation: This is a method in which a camera will fill in the color holes in the pixels of a picture by estimating color blends. While interpolation can improve picture resolution, it can also decrease the sharpness and contrast.  To ensure sharp, bright pictures do not purchase a camera with low resolution and high interpolation.

Compression routines: This is how the pictures are stored digitally. JPEG is the standard file-type used for picture storage, but some companies use their own proprietary compression method.  While a unique compression method can improve picture clarity, it can make sharing photos more difficult.  Another consideration is to choose a camera that allows you to print off images at no compression for best results.

Single-lens reflex (SLR) viewfinder: This type of viewfinder allows you to line up the perfect shot.  Some cameras have two views – what the users sees to set up the shot and what the camera sees to actually capture the shot.  SLR viewfinders line up both views as one for the most accurate results.

Digital Camera Basics

  • Megapixels equal photo clarity.  Look for the highest number you can afford.
  • Memory sticks or cards are used to store photos.  Consider how many photos you expect to need stored on the camera at one time.
  • Exposure control, focus range and zoom options will vary. Be very careful with the small details.

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