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Bed Bug Symptoms

January 13, 2016  |  Difficulty: Easy

symptoms of bed bugs

Bed bug infestation has become a common problem worldwide. You risk a bed bug infestation when you travel a lot; sleep in hotels/motels and apartments; and use second hand items. Let’s look at the most common symptoms of bed bugs presence. The more attention you pay to caution and inspection, the lower the risk of introducing bed bugs into your home.

Basic Information

Bed bug (Cimex lectularius) is a nocturnal parasite insect that feeds exclusively on blood.
Adult female bed bugs can lay one to five eggs per day. Bed bug eggs hatch in about one week and the development from an egg into an adult takes about one to two months. It can, however, take longer depending on the environmental conditions and the food availability.
Bed bugs are inactive in the period between feedings when hiding in their shelters. They are not confined to a bed or a bedroom, but are usually scattered throughout the household as they can move from one room to another with their host.
The bugs are very resilient and easily survive several months or even longer without any food.
Adult bed bugs usually live less than a year while in cold temperatures and with the lack of food their development may slow down significantly.


Bed bugs differ from other biting insects by the fact that not only female bugs and nymphs but also male bugs need to feed on blood. Bites are a good sign, but not always 100% proof that they are in your home. To assure that the bites come from bed bugs one needs to look for a physical sign for the presence of these bugs (bug individuals, their excrements, eggs, and/or skin shed).

It is a good chance that you have bites from bed bugs when you repeatedly wake up with red marks that you hadn’t had before you went to bed. It is also possible to identify the presence of bed bugs by their droppings. They are similar to fly droppings, but when it gets wet, it turns red. Finding bed bug’ shed skin in or around your bed is one of the surest signs of this big problem.

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