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August 07, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Another great source of pets ready for adoption are animal rescue organizations which adopt pure-bred dogs from shelters and rescue dogs from puppy mills or other abusive situations. The common thread is that they want to responsibly control pet over-population so all the pets will be already spayed or neutered. Their prices are only a little higher than a shelter’s prices, generally running from $70-$200, because they generously pay for the pets care out of their own pockets.

Rescue groups are usually run by very strict pet lovers who want to make sure their adoptions are successful and that this will be the pet’s final home. They observe the pets in their care and are experts in pet care because they want to be.

Rescue groups can be run in different ways. Some house all the animals on their own premises, in which you can visit to see the dogs interact with others dogs and puppies, children and adults. Some groups maintain a list of animals in foster-care with a list of volunteers that you can visit. You can also volunteer to be a foster care-giver to a homeless pet.

Usually the organization will ask you many invasive questions about how you will care for the animal, what type of housing you live in and about the housing you will provide for the pet.  They will even ask you why you want a pet and why you have chosen a particular one.  They will ask whether you have other pets and how many and why you want so many pets and if you’ve had pets before. Don’t be offended by these questions; they just want to be sure the pet is going to a good, final home.

Just as with rescuing a pet from the pound, the benefits of saving a stray are apparent.  But just the same, a fostered pet can have a difficult adjustment period if you have saved them from abandonment, abuse or neglect.  These pups need lots of patience and love to get past the trauma.

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