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A girl with acne
Poor hygiene, diet, stress, hormonal changes, and medications are all causes of acne. When you put these elements to work, bacteria and an excessive amount of dead skin cells will cause an acne outbreak. Traditionally, acne can be at its worst during puberty, this is a time of extreme hormonal change. These changes, an increase in sebum (oil) production, affect the hair follicles in an adverse way, causing pimples/zits to appear. However, acne is not restricted to teenagers as it can occur at anytime.

Blackheads and whiteheads are the most common and the mildest types of acne, while the red pimples with or without the white pus filled centers are a moderate form of acne. Painful, pus filled cysts or nodules are the more severe form of acne. Acne commonly appears on the shoulders, back, face, neck, and chest.

Read on to learn about the various forms of acne and how to overcome the condition:

Body Acne Acne Scars
Teenage Acne Blackheads
Cystic Acne Whiteheads
Adult Acne Acne Care Tips

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